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Found 18th May 2009
I just went to this site to check the price of a camera. It said £0.00 so I went through to checkout to see what the price is. The problem is after putting in my name and address (as is standard with sites) it gave go confirmation and just said thank you for the order!

Seeing as there was no price displayed I don't know how much it'd be so i'm worried i'm going to have a package arrive at my door with a high price to pay. I don't even know if an order has actually gone through though because nothing came to my email address. When i went through again with a fake name and address the results were the same.

It says it's a drop shipping site (whatever that means) but orders can also be taken throught the site.

So, has anyone used this site before? What actually is a dropshipping site? I've been buying stuff off the internet for years and i've never encountered shit like this.
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Dropshipping is where companies don't hold the actual stock themselves, they pass on your order details to the actual manufacturer/some other company who then ship directly to you.

A very basic example woud be you giving me money for an iPod, and then I go to Amazon and buy it and get them to send it to you.
Did you give them any card details for payment ?
I got a reply from the site; they're the new owners so it's actually in development. Nothing on the site says that though. It goes past the details page but misses out the payment one. No oder has been taken so it's all good.

Thanks or the replies.
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