Madonna 'reveals Celebration teaser'

    Monday, August 31 2009, 16:18 BST

    By Anisa Kadri

    Rex Features
    A teaser of Madonnas 'Celebration' video has been released.

    According to People, the singer is joined by Jesus Luz as well as her her daughter Lourdes in the video itself.

    A source told the magazine: "Madonna, Jesus, Lola [Lourdes] and the dancers all seemed to be having a great time."

    In the just-released clip Madonna dons a Balenciega dress and thigh-high boots while Luz plays a DJ.

    The video premieres on iTunes tomorrow, where it will be free to download for 48 hours

    Skanky hag!
    - Goonieman


    a celebration of what more adopted kids

    Is this defo Collo:)

    Original Poster

    yes so i read on a website

    Original Poster


    Is this defo Collo:)

    did you read it

    i miss hits like Lucky star and borderline


    did you read it

    Yo man just as you said :thumbsup:
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