maestro visa in disguise!!

    i have just received my new rbs debit card which before stated maestro it now says visa DEBIT i have just ordered some grub online and it wouldnt accept it using maestro only visa is this a credit card through a backddoor?


    it's what it says it is. Visa Debit lol.

    its only a credit card if youve got credit arguement on it...a VISA debit is exactly what it says on the tin...a VISA card :thumbsup:

    I have a couple of credit cards and my VISA credit card just says VISA on it unlike my barclays card which is alike yours and says VISA debit

    Isn't Maestro a Mastercard debit card?

    Mastercard =
    Mastercard Credit card
    Maestro Debit card

    Visa =
    Visa Credit card
    Visa Debit card

    If it say Visa debit, it's definetly a ,erm, Visa debit :lol:

    the porter;6277873

    have u been drinking my friend ;-)

    maybe a little...ok couple of bottles of wine :-D
    how did you guess?

    the porter;6277902

    that bit me too speckled hen and blossom hill now some canadian club n … that bit me too speckled hen and blossom hill now some canadian club n coke with my kebab god iu luv food n beer n life

    hahahahahaha! didnt see that! arguement lol lol lol!
    i had couple of bottles of white zinfandel then couple of diaronno and cokes.


    I have a Visa debit and a vista delta.


    The movie is great in BR btw.
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