MAG vs COD on ps3

Found 31st Jan 2010
Hi am thinking of getting MAG on ps3 wondered if anyone has played it yet? and if so how does it match up to COD?
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I am not a fan of it personally, but then that is just my opinion, why don't you rent it or something?
Got both and both are good games to play big battles are awesome on mag with bullets all over the shop but MW2 is more refined graphically and handles better.

Whichever you chose don't think you would be disappointed
like COD, all my mates have, great fun, but i am not too great at it, im sort of a amateur gamer if you like, but MAG defintely pips it in its own kinda way, has rustic feel for a game, grpahics arent over the top, but its got 256 players in domination mode, so what can you expect, i absolutely love MAG though ratio 2.11 haha (beats my cod ratio by a heck of a long way), MAG isnt so popular to the general community, but i defintely think it should be, im getting quite a few mates, one by one, into the game and they all enjoy it so far of those who really gave it a go
how does mag hold up with so many players (ping wise) does it lag much?
MAG is much better than COD. It has vehicles, 256 players and massive maps so every game is usually different unlike COD's spawn-throw grenades-camp for killstreaks crap.
played it last night non stop and not one game was laggy even when we were playing 128 vs 128 , its so much different to MW2 but in a good way . the guns you start of with are very underpowered but as you rank up its really gets better so if you do get it stick with it .

ps. GO RAVEN :thumbsup:

yeh the lag is very little or i guess not there at all unless physically a single play is lagging, but thats not the servers or my fault is it? ping is good as well, in general the connection is superb!
SVER ftw :-D
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