Magaluf Clubs - Strict on ID?

    We're off to magaluf in 11 days and one of my mates is 17 when we're out there, the rest of us are 18. He looks fairly young and you would guess about 16, he is worried he won't get in any clubs. I don't think it will be very strict out there but anyone who has been can you please advise as to whether he will end up stuck due to age restrictions.



    You will be fine as the legal age is 16 in Spain. Wiki has a world list. HERE


    If he doesn't look like he is 5 years old he will be fine.

    I have been going away abroad for years (football tours etc) and never been ID'd.

    I went on a family holiday and took my best friend at the time... Turned out we were about half a mile from BCM etc - I was 15 and she was 16 and we got in no problem! They don't care! I saw children much younger than us in there!

    We went in 2008 when we were 18 and one of us was 17......we never brought Id with us as they aren't strict at all..tell your mate not to worry he'll 100% be fine

    have a great holiday, check out BCM tis immense!

    BCM on Sunday nights!

    Miss wet t-shirt and popcorn parties!

    can I come?

    I have been to Magaluf far too many times, they are not very strict on ID at all, I went to BCM when I was barely 15 & got in & had one hell of a night!
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