Found 9th Jun 2009
I ordered 16 3 for £1 offers from the magazine group, and was going to cancel them after they had taken the DD.

I get an email asking whether I placed the order, and I why I placed the order.

Wanting to increase my wide range of knowledge and interest on several things, I reply with a polite email saying I did place the order.

After that I get the following reply:

Dear Mr Smith

Thank you for your email.

I would refer you to section ten of our terms and conditions

Please do not order any more magazines from our website or those of our partners.

Section 10 of their t&c:
10.The Magazine Group reserves the right to restrict access or refuse orders to anyone who in its opinion is abusing offers on the site. Such behaviour would include (but is not restricted to) repeated cancellations of direct debit offers and repeated cancellation of subscriptions before expiry of the full term. In such cases The Magazine Group will write to you to request you desist from further use of the site. In the case of any orders placed subsequent to this request, the customer shall be liable for the full annual subscription price of the magazine regardless of any cancellation of the subscription. The customer shall also be liable for all costs of The Magazine Group or the publisher in fulfilling the order and ensuring payment of the full subscription term.

If you read their t&c carefully, its basically saying you can use our offers, as long as we think you're not using them just for the offers.

"repeated cancellations of direct debit offers" kinda takes the wind out of when they say "if I do not wish to continue the subscription, you can cancel at any time".

Many of you will be saying well you shouldn't of ordered so many magazines, but if they're offering it to me, why shouldn't I make use of their offers, they're the ones who are saying their is no obligation to stay on.

Plus most of the magazines were already of great interest to me i.e. computers, music, style, and fitness, while the other magazines like cars and bikes would of been good to read just to keep up to date with.

Anyway I write this because I'm kinda upset because I was looking forward to reading some magazines, and angry that they can give you an offer but not want to honour it their side.

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