Magazine subscriptions

    Looking to get my mate a birthday pressy
    of a years magazine subscription - either
    to FHM or a golfing mag ,
    if anyone had any ideas on where
    to get them of the net would be much

    thanks in advance


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    It's probably better to buy the magazine & see which freebies they're giving away this month.

    (FHM normally offer an aftershave, or shaving kit etc as well as money off the cover price)

    I've just posted this offer, which you may like:…330

    This includes 6 months of FHM + a free xbox 360 game called GRAW 2 (lowest price found is £22.99) all for £17 + 8% Quidco cashback or if you really want the yearly version, you can pay £17 again at the end of the 6 month term.

    Hope that helps, i doubt you'll be able to find it for a better deal and if you don't want the game, you could always sell it and get the mag subscription for free.

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    Cheers for all your suggestions , will be looking into them

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