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Found 13th Dec 2009
I have Sky and want to have a tv in the bedroom, i've heard of something called a magic eye that you plug into your sky box and then your able to watch tv in another room, thats all i know, how do you fit this thing, would i need sky to set it up? All information appreciated
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You only need it if you want to change channels etc in the other room... which is obviously hand.
The picture comes from the RF out on the sky box
Ok all the magic eye does is allow you to control your sky box using a second remote control whilst watching the same sky tv program as whats on on your main tv. You buy the kit at around £15 that comes with a magic eye and some aerial connectors. You then need to buy enough satellite co-axial cable (B&Q) to run between each room. Connect each aerial connector to each end of the co-axial cable and plug the magic eye into your new tv. Then have to change a setting on your sky box. Very easy to do and works quite well. Most people buy a second sky remote to use with the setup in the spare room. Initially you can just carry your existing remote between rooms but it will get annoying after a while.
Thanks all, so i have to get some co-axial cable too and connect that from one end of the co-axial cable to the magic eye, doesnt sound too difficult, but im hopeless at any diy, might get sky to come and fit it, if its not too pricey, rep to you all
Think this may be what you're looking for, posted in deals around 13.15 (so you can work your way back from when you read this) - Accessory Agents Digital Wireless AV Sender - £15.99 @ Play.Com - worth a look anyway
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