Magic Retouch from L’Oréal Paris what's your verdict?

    Never used this product before but like to try it out.

    what have your experiences been using this, especially those with dark hair and really grey roots


    My verdict was awful it was for blonde hair though, just made it greasy and claggy and didn't help hide roots AT ALL! Was surprised they could sell it it was so bad, but it may just be my hair!

    ok but doesn't dry - so if you scratch your head you will get brown fingers !!!

    I like it - get my hair coloured at hairdressers every 4 weeks - I use this from the end of the third week. I am very grey

    Love this stuff! my hairs really dark and it certainly does the job between visits to the hairdresser. Would definitely recommend trying it.

    Think it might depend on your hair colouring slightly , I'm blonde and was given a free tin of this to trial when it first came out. Absolutely hated it, nasty sticky stuff, it didn't dry so left my roots looking like they needed a wash, and to be honest didn't change the colour of them anyway. Spray goes far further than just your hair however careful you are too. Chucked mine away after a couple of goes, certainly wouldn't have left the house after using it. But as I say it might work better for dark hair as its easier to make roots darker than lighter and maybe the greasy look isn't so pronounced on dark hair.
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