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Found 6th Apr 2006
Hi all..

A stray cat has started coming into the house and spraying which as you can imagine isn't good!

I'm looking for a decent price on a magnetic cat flap- (you get a magnetic fob that you put on your cats collar then only they can get in.) Ideally in wood grain colour, but white would be ok.

Cheapest I've seen is £35 but that still seems quite expensive for what it is.

Any help is appreciated

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Not sure if these are exactly what you are looking for, but have a browse and see...

>>>argos one here<<< for £19.99

seapets.co.uk£22.90 inc vat and shipping (might not be the special locking one though - please check)

catflaps.com/Search for WHITE CAT MATE 254 - For £26.50 inc vat and shipping



The argos one looks like a bargain - not sure about thier delivery price (if there is one at all) :pirate:
Hi Helen

We have had the Staywell one from Argos for over three years now and It's still going strong and not one breach in all that time, (and there's enough cat arond here to have tested it!!)

Also out cat has never lost the magnetic key (you get two, just in case) and she has never failed to open it when sha has wanted to come in.

So what I'm saying is the Staywell is recommended, from me anyway.
Be careful with Cat flaps.

My parents house was broken into once by teenages kicking in the cat flap & climbing in !!
Our house was broken into by the kids putting BBQ tongs through the catflap.. getting the keys and letting themselves in! Cheeky so and so's..

Anyways, I've found that Wilkinson's sell the magnetic staywell for £19.99 and there's a store down the road so I'm gonna go for that. Thanks everyone
You could maybe look out for an infra red activated one instead?
I fitted an ordinary catflap for a friend last weekend. I am only just a bit better at DIY than Frank Spencer! The plate of the jigsaw scratched the paintwork bad and so the door needs repainting! mmmm Betty! If I'd noticed that the panel was only 7mm thick then I would have used a padsaw.
Well, I have the magnetic cat flap and it doesn't work! It works fine when I test it by hand but not when the magnet is on the cat's collar. I think it's because we have an oriental cat, and he has a much longer neck than domesic cats, so the magnet on his collar doesnt reach the 'unlocker'.- Staywell reckon that's nothing to do with it, but they could upgrade me to infra red for £60! The other great idea they had was to refund the magnetic cat flap ( even though I'd be left with a hole in the door!)
I need to look into it further, but at the moment staywell won't take any responsibility for it or give me an infra red upgrade FOC.
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