Mail Order Cycles/Bike Express - vouchers please?

    Looking to buy a bike from .
    Never dealt with this company before so comments/suggestions are appreciated. If you have discount vouchers - that'll be great!

    Thanks in advance


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    Well... that's not really encouraging story. However, buying a bike without actually trying it out, especially for that sort of money (I am talking about that link) is plain stupid. At least I know what I am going to buy
    Thanks for help and have a Karma!

    I found this whilst browsing [url][/url]
    It may be of interest to you.

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    Thanks for this link, however I am not going to buy stuff distributed by Universal cycles (that's including Emmelle, Classic, Trojan, Silverfox and some other supermarket "brands")):)
    The major reason why I am looking at Mail Order Cycles is that they have Raleigh Krush 24" for 113 quid delivered, which is excellent offer. If anyone can find it cheaper (Outdoor Toys are selling it for 109.99 but then they charding tenner for delivery) that will be even better :).…tml

    £115.68 delivered, a little closer if you wanted to avoid mailordercycles.
    They have 4 real stores which I always trust a little more than internet only companies.

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    Thanks again. Do you think that Cycle Smart are any better than Mail Order Cycles?

    No Idea

    Searched for both and couldn't find many reviews of either. That one bad one for Mailordercycles and a couple of 'I bought from these' for Cyclesmart.

    Personally I always trust a store with a real shopfront more than a mail order only operation (IF only that I'm guaranteed the ability to see real people if I need to) but I can't recommend either from knowledge sorry.

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    I searched the web and found no really bad and no really good things about either... So would probably need to use coin as decision maker

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    Well... tried to call Cyclesmart yesterday to ask some questions. Their phone was engaged all the time, so didn't managed to get through. Their loss.
    After fifth trial, I decided to give a call to Mail Order Cycles
    Lady on a phone was extremely helpful, seemed to know their products, stock status and options/accessories well. She also told me that if I am going to order bike and accessories (mudguards, etc), their website will show P&P but they will waive it. Anyway, ordered from Mail Order Cycles, they promised to deliver by Thursday - will see how it goes.

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    Got it delivered Wednesday. Assembled it today - perfect! The only complaint is that they advertising bike with SRAM gears and it came with Shimano. Which is good
    All in all, very friendly and rapid service.

    Thanks for the follow up review Kommunist

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    You welcome

    If there is one thing I would advice, don't deal with them. They are liars and thieves.
    I also have very good reason to believ they went bankrupt as am waiting to get my money back from them for over two months now.
    long story short: they lost my bike in the post. i asked for a refund. suddenly bike was found somewhere in the country. waited again. no bike. asked for refund again. they asked me the choose a similar bike from their shop, which I didn't want as I wanted the bike I ordered. so they said they would send me a cheque as a refund. cheque got lost in the post, must be a horrible place over thre in ipswitch as the second cheque they eanted to send me never made it to the post office. after a month i asked the to transfer the money into my account to avoid the horrible horrible royal mail who they blamed but no money after two month. I sent them letters, about a hundred emails and treid to call but nothing, no reply no answer. opening hours are a joke till 3pm - great am working... plus they don't answer the phone anyway.

    so don't do it pay a fiver more and buy somewhere else!
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