Main shopping areas in London?

    Taking my mum to london next week for a birthday shopping day.

    Apart from Oxford St are there any other decent mum friendly parts with lots of shops close together?

    Took her to westfield centre last year so not going there again



    Covent garden is lovely boothy

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    Covent garden is lovely boothy

    Ta x

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    yep-agree with covent garden boothy-she will love it-loadsa shops/market stalls/buskers and outdoor places to sit for coffee etc-FAR nicer than fighting the crowds in the high streets.

    consider borough market as wel, basically a very posh up market - well market. Its outside London Bridge tube station

    Blue water greater London though

    forget coming all the way to London and seeing the same shops on every high st?!

    carnaby street (nr oxford circus) is good (similar to covent garden)
    regent st
    knightsbridge for the millionaires/billionaires

    For interesting shops/stalls go to cambden lock market, it has loads of interesting jewellery and craft stalls. I love it. Head straight for the lock market though, the rest are all a bit hippyish!

    oh and I agree about Knightsbridge fantastic - harrods just to look around, especially the christmas shop - I was there last week, in my element... as well as gazing at the marc jacobs handbags
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    forget coming all the way to London and seeing the same shops on every … forget coming all the way to London and seeing the same shops on every high st?!carnaby street (nr oxford circus) is good (similar to covent garden)regent stknightsbridge for the millionaires/billionaires

    Queen's arms in Knightsbridge is a lovely pub if you go down that way Boothy

    oh also if you plan to have a meal don't forget to check out top table - we saved £60 one night and £35 the second night by booking tables through that


    What sort of things is she shopping for and will you have transport or just using the train and tube?

    Personally, I hate Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road with a vengence. Sloane Sq down the Kings Road is worth avoiding too..... but OTOH it might be what she wants! Mars-Bars Suggestion for Bluewater is a good one though. Covent Garden is nice... but I cant think it would be a place Id recommend someone to go shopping!

    Do not bother asking staff at the tourist info center at the station...they will just tell you "there is shopping everywhere in London" like they told me lol

    oxford circus and knightsbridge are what I recommend.
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    I no this is in east london but walthamstow market is the longest market in europe haha

    SHOPPING????.............. You don't have to take your mum to London to shop,you can shop anywhere !!!..... but a lovely trip on a London tour bus / cruise followed by dinner in soho will do the trick.

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    Thanks to all for the advice,much appreciated
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