mainboard and cp[u needed

    Ok been a few years since i upgraded my beast of a machine,can anyone advise me on which board and processer i should be looking at and must of all the best deal.I'm going to go for one off them amd dual processer i've seen knocking about,never had anything to do with intel before so prefer to stick with amd.So if anyone can advise me on this with what and where to buy from it would be great.I'm not that well up on pcs as you can tell thanks in advance toffee

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    A fellow blue :thumbsup:

    If it's been a good few years I think even a low end X2 will impress you.
    I would suggest a midrange AM2 such as the 4400+.

    Which board rather depends on your requirements.

    I recently bought a lil Gigabyte 780 board and have been very happy with it.
    But then, I am only using the onboard graphics with my setup.

    HDMI output is a nice bonus.

    Unless you are planning hefty overclocks you should be fine with a budget board, as long as it has the features you require.

    I have one or two Asrock boards that have been rock solid 24/7 for well over a year.

    As I said, all depends on you requirements.
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