Mains Power Cable / Cord Help Needed!

Found 16th Oct 2012
I currently have a Sony Bravia KDL40W5500 and my husband has decided to mount it on the wall....however he has done so after decorating, and now realised the mains power cable / cord from the sony tv does not reach the plug socket. Have been looking on the www for a longer one, as it is a detachable cord thank the lord, but i am really struggling, due to what it looks like. It is shaped like a 3 pin end but only has 2 pins. Does anyone have any idea where i can purchase one of these from? i need a 4m one. Image in post 1 is the original from the sony tv. Thanks in advance :o)
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Try Lindy, might be worth you phoning them up first and explaining your situation. They've been around quite a while, and I've had cables from them before and done exactly the same with the Television on the wall:

Lindy Website
Any normal IEC cable should do, yours is just missing the earth pin slot but will still fit...


If in any doubt you could either:-

Google sony [insert model number here] power cord replacement and pay approx £20 if they even exist in longer lengths.

or, get a simple socket extension cable

But IMHO if your husband forgot about that then he may have also forgotten about another device and you may need a multi-socket extension at some point... any way good luck with it.
Thanks to all above, have ordered a 3 pin one from Amazon.
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