Maintain Sky Subscription without Cancelling?

    I was wondering if any of you could help here...basically, after recieving 12 months half price from Sky, my subscription is up in September and I will revert to paying full price. Now, I have seen that you can cancel Sky, wait a month and then get 50% off which I wouldnt mind doing.
    But is there any way that I can get discount without actually having my subscription interrupted for a month?


    The day my subscription ran out(notice of cancellation had finished) i went on my sky account online and saw there was a discount code for 50%.. so thats worth a try..

    First year i had some person phone me up the day it ended offering 50% off
    The next year my online account had the 50% offer on the day it ran out..

    And i shall risk the same next year by cancelling
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    please let me know how you get on as i'm in same boat as you (my discount runs out mid sept).

    Was this your first year with sky?

    Ring them up to cancel and they always try and give you a deal to stay.

    Tell them you are considering switching to a different provider.

    I've had half price TV, half price line rental and free sports for 3 months when I've phoned to cancel.

    its true what youve heard....

    basically.... your negotiations prior to ur termination date will be fruitless.... you will have to cancel.

    On cancellation day ring them (although they usually ring you) - barter!
    Pre cancellation they wanted her to pay £54 for BB, Line, and basic TV!

    My gf got on cancellation day:

    £50 credit on a.c
    BB, Line, Movies, Ent & sports (my treat!) for £48/month....

    The inconvenience for you is your line WILL go inactive for a few days, they will give you a new number.... however, your tv will be back on in a few hours!

    there's am offer on groupon for half price again just do it in a diff name x

    i was in the same situation just over a week ago deal coming to an end so going up from £50 a month to £82 a month. So phoned them and was told only offer was 25% off for 12 months so i put my 31 days notice in, and on Wednesday received a call from them asking why i was leaving, so explained wasn't happy with paying that much and after a little haggling with them got it back down to £44 a month for 12 months and not tied in.
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