Majestic wines on website - problem?

    im trying to order 48 bottles of sam adams beer but the checkout button is greyed out. im not ordering any wine but says the minimum is 12 bottles...but doesnt say it HAS to be wine.

    Can you not just order beer??


    this was on there webiste FAQ section

    Cases of beer or soft drinks can be included in your order, provided you are making our minimum 12-bottle wine/spirits purchase. If you wish to order beer or soft drinks without a case of wine, contact your local store. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver beers, soft drinks or other sundries to areas where it is necessary to deliver by Mail Order.

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    Slightly annoying i would think if i were in your position!

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    well its a good way to lose 60 quid!!

    Not sure if it helps but Costco have started selling cases of Sam Adams for around £22 for 24 bottles. You have to be a member of Costco though...
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