Major misprice from online retailer

    Well the Easter weekend is upon us. Every Bank Holiday weekend one of the major online retailers has a phatom special offer which everyone buys, then about 4 days later the retailer cancels, then there are around 12 pages of hukds members saying they will sue them etc.

    But the big question is..............

    What will it be & Who will be the offender?


    My Money is on Skoda...


    eater weekend? i bet my money on burger king then damn them and there triple whopper with extra cheese for only 99p.

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    Spelling correction to keep Hybrid Happy

    Xbox game, always one that inspires hatred in all for tescos.

    Love a good misprice thread

    Thing with Tesco missprices though , last time I had one, they cancelled the order but I still got the clkub card points, lol


    Its looking like game will have the biggest misprice


    I'm taking them to court whoever they may be

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    Looks like the winner is HMV with South Park seasons 12 & 13 on blu-ray for £1.99 each

    Every Bank Holiday this happens
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