Major MJ tattoo failure

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Found 23rd Jul 2010
Seriously, check out the ear.



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After five hours of pain over two gruelling sessions, her ultimate tribute to the late king of pop is complete.

The 43-year-old of Shelley Close, Lewes, was left devastated when Michael Jackson suffered a heart attack and died at his Los Angeles home in June 2009.

Ever since, she has been plotting how to pay homage to the moonwalking, crotch-grabbing star.

And after going under the needle at Lewes tattoo parlour Tizzs, life-long fan Mandy says she is thrilled with the results.

The catering assistant at Lewes Old Grammar School said: "I absolutely love it. You take a risk when you get a tattoo in case it doesn’t come out right. But my tattooist Sarah is very clever and it is just how I wanted it. The eyes are my favourite - they are so lifelike." [img]theargus.co.uk/res…18/?type=display[/img]


Perhaps its a picture of MJ stood next to a fire?

omg!!! oO


OMG at SHE are you sure?

lol, maybe the tattooist got mixed up with a pic of 'Bubbles' his chimp , lol, imo thats were chimps ears are positioned on the head !!:D

funny, reminds me of noel Igor gallagher,


Tatoos like this are always freaky. I just imagine the person when their 80 in a care home. She'll probably think its her son or something oO

Is his ear not a bit on the low side?

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