Major Nelson confirms XBox 360 pricing from 14th March

    Sorry 1st actual starting a thread and its not available yet so please remove if its against any rules…spx

    Xbox 360 - was: 349.99euro / £249.99 now: 269.99euro / £199.99
    Xbox 360 Elite - was: 449.99euro / £299.99 now: 369.99euro / £259.99
    Xbox 360 Arcade was 269.99euro / £199.99 now 199.99euro / £159.99

    RRP Prices will be in effect from 14th March 2008.


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    I have acess to both PS3 and Xbox 360 and think they are both good products? So not sure why someone has added fanboy scrap as tags as I was only posting this as others had linked to Euro prices and hadn't got a confirmed RRP for the UK yet and were speculating on what the Uk price would be..

    Oh well


    I wonder if sony will respond with a price drop in Europe. Unlikely as the playstation 3 is selling well but if this changes I would expect sony to drop the PS3 down to the elites price.
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