Major problems with virgin

    Can anyone help I really need to sepak to someone higher up but I'm not getting put through and spend an infuriating half an hour on hold listening to music!

    I've now had problems with my broadband being intermitent since october 2007,some weeks im calling them out 2-3 times
    theyve had the network guys out,relaid the cable outside,changed modem,rerun the cables inside the house but still its not right.
    I really dont want to get rid totally as ive had my email address with them for about 7 years and been a customer of theirs about 12 years but the way it is im not getting the always on service i pay for.

    To top it all today i have no virgin phone line,spoke to them eventually after being on hold on a mobile for ages and they now tell me that the earliest they can send someone out to me is thursday

    I asked for a manager to call me back as they say they couldnt put me through but im still waiting,how can i voice my opinion about this dreadful service? any help I'd be most grateful

    I need to speak to an english person as im having troubles understanding the foreign ones (have nothing against them at all)
    what can I do?


    Say you want to cancel, Cancellation teams are almost always based in the UK (oddly enough so are Sales, strange that isn't it?)

    I thought for a second you had problems with a virgin lol


    Major problems with virgin eh send her here

    Good luck! I have had problems in the past with the net but all is well lately. They make you call bloody india or something at 50p a minute which is very frustrating when you know it's not a problem that can be fixed over the phone. My phoneline broke last year after about 2/3 months. It broke again last week, didn't have a phone for a week! They fixed problem on Friday, blamed my telephone? Even though when he arrived it wsn't working he farted about outside and then it was working. Just went to use it 5 mins ago and 3 days after they came out, it's not working again!!! You must be sooooooooo frustrated I'm annoyd at not having a phone for a week never mind internet not wroking wuite often.

    Basically you can try pressing the option to cancel and if they try and talk you into staying ask for a manager to speak to you, or just ask for a manager as soon as you go on. Explain this problem has been going on since 2007 and you are not getting anywhere. A manager is always available even if they tell you otherwise. Tell them your happy to wait on hold until the manager is available. Get tough with them! There is a virgin call centre in the business park I work in, if I was having serious trouble I'd be round there ready for a fight!

    Think the OP needs to buy new bedsheets :whistling:
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