Majora's Mask - N64 or 3DS?

Found 2nd Oct 2017
It's £4 on the Wii U eShop, or £30 on the 3DS.

Is it pretty much the same on the Wii U? Is it clear/crisp like games are on the NES mini for example?
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The 3DS version is quite significantly improved; on the Wii U, you're just getting a direct emulation of the original N64 release.

For example, take a look here:…3d/

You can get a physical copy of the 3DS game for less than £30 quite readily.
Go for the 3DS version if you're a big Zelda fan. They have added so many improvements. It's in 3D for a start, looks prettier, better camera angles, more stable frame rate, extra side quest, more save points, controlling time is better also. They've done a lot of tweaks on gameplay to improve it as well like on the bosses.
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