Make £250+ with a £500 investment

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Found 2nd Mar 2006
Here we go. Open a A&L bank account via Quidco cashback(QC) site ( This will get £50 into your QC Account) then ask me or someone else that has already got a A&L account to recommend you ( the friend) and A&L will put £50 into your account after 8 weeks. Do the same for your partner where you recommend your partner A&L will put £50 into your account and £50 into your partners account. Don't forget to open your partners account through QC link as otherwise you loose out on the second £50.
Now all in all you get QC£50+ £50 A&L + QC£50 + Partner Rec A&L £50 for you and £50 for Partner. Total £250 all you need to do is move £500 around the two accounts for * weeks or so to get all the money into the accounts. Now you can add more accounts to make more money but this might make it even more harder to understand.
I have done it with First and A&L and Barlcays to make me over £500 for just £1000 investment.
Good luck

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How long do you have to keep the a/c open before the "incentive" is yours to keep

•Minimum funding requirement of £500 per month

would this part of T&Cs cause any problems....how did you get round it and how long have you had the a/c....have you actually made your money yet?

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Hi there,

They say they put the money into the account after 8 weeks of them getting the voucher. So you shouldn't have to keep it open more then 3 months I would think. The £500 you need to put in there will be moved from your account too your partners account and back again so all you need is the £500. No they only just sarted doing this so it hasn't been 8 weeks yet for me but there is no reason why they shouldn't put the money in the account as I keep myself to the rules where I put the £500 into the 1st account on the 1st of the month then move it to the other account on the 10th and it goes back into the first account again. Hope this helps and good luck with it.
Also QC pay after 2 months.

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You can also include Loyds bank as they give QC£10 and £50 signup + £40 if you recommend a friend.

This is right on the edge of not being allowed in the forum. Please don't ask for referrals etc. We don't allow them on other items and I don't think we should allow them on things like this either. I know it's a fine line here but the problem of personal gain in a post remains the same...

I have deleted your last thread about recommendations soccergoods, hope you understand.

i have opened 2 A&L current accounts via QC, but none of them were tracked. they are currently under enquiry. not sure will QC be able to pay the full amount, because their system failed to track them properly!


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I have just requested my payment from QC but as all was done online they should pay out. So don't worry to much Let me know if they still haven't paid.

Mine has been tracked, but with an earnings value of £0.00.

Will this be increased to £50 once the transaction has completed? (I only put it on yesterday).


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Yes you should get it from QC as that is what they say when you go through there link. Just keep a eye on it and when it is still like this just before they need to pay to you get on to the case with them.

Moved to a more suitable forum, as this doesn't really fit in the Hot Deals forum.

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I had my money from QC so there is no problem getting too the £250+ for my £500 investment

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be quick as QC will reduce the £50 too £30 from the first of April and also recommend a friend is going down from £50 too £25 soon. No date posted as far as I know. So be quick.

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Just to let you all know I got the recommend a friend money from all the ones I referrred so if you have opened an account. If you still haven't got it then let me know.
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