Make an imaginary baby

    This is hilarious. Was a tad bored looking at Brangelinas twins and imagined what my kids would look like if I'd married someone else.

    Click on link in next post.


    saw the thread title and got a little confused :? :oops:

    Original Poster

    oops.....didn't know what else to write :?

    mine looked baad! think i had too much dark eye make up on in the picture lol... :oops:

    sooooooooo funny - rep given -

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    :-DMe and Brad made a much prettier baby

    PMSL, fan-chuffin-tastic!!

    I nearly wet myself laughing, I used piccie of me and the other half and the baby looked remarkably like our 7 year old son :w00t:

    Cheers for that :thumbsup:
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