Make ANY DVD Player Multi Region Quickly, Easily, Freely and 100% Legally!!!

    I posted this in another thread but thought it was worthy of its own since its quite a useful bit of info.

    You can make almost ALL DVD players multi region. Don't worry, you don't need to open the machine or anything, you normally just have to open the cd tray, press 4 buttons on your remote and then close the tray again and this makes the player multi region.

    More info plus sites that give you the code for your player can be found at the link on post 1.


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    ]http//ww…uk/ is the best site i think. When you input the manufacturer of your player, it will take you to a page where it looks like you'll have to sign up to see how to do it but just scroll down this page and the info's all there; no sign up necessary.


    Not ALL dvd players can be unlocked with a code.Some (like my old Sony … Not ALL dvd players can be unlocked with a code.Some (like my old Sony one) need electrical alteration.Nowadays though these sort are few and far between

    some denon players need a firmware update via DVD to become multi-region

    Yep, headline of this is somewhat misleading, whilst a lot of players you can region unlock with keycodes, there are still a fair number of players that require firmware modification or programming via a universal programmable remote to unlock region coding.

    Welcome to 2001

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    lol, ok ok, MOST DVD players can be unlocked. Still, I thought this would be handy for those that didn't know.

    Couldn't find a hack for my dvd recorder shame
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