Make Lying in Parliament History

    If I were to lie in a court of law, I would go to jail. But it's entirely legal for an MP to lie to Parliament. Doesn't sound right, does it?

    Jolyon Rubinstein has been highlighting the corruption, greed and hypocrisy in our system in his TV show “The Revolution Will Be Televised” for years. But right now, he's making a documentary for the BBC about why young people aren’t interested in Westminster politics. We should be able to trust our MPs – but what’s clear to me in making this documentary is that too many people just don’t. That’s why he's started this petition.

    He's launching it as part of a campaign to have this law passed. He want's to start a debate about the importance of the truth in politics. If enough of you sign, it will send a message that we have had enough of broken promises, massaged statistics and the double speak we feel we've been subjected to over the years. Today, less than 1 in 4 people trust MPs. This can't go on.

    Next year it's the 800-year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta - a document that gave birth to the rights and freedoms we enjoy today. Isn’t it time for a new Magna Carta? It would be a Magna Carta 2.0 – including a measure that would make lying in Parliament totally illegal (and maybe have lying MPs thrown to the lions!!!).

    In order to gauge the support for stopping MPs from lying please sign the petition here and let's start a public debate about how we can make politicians’ lies history.…ory



    We should punish them by cutting their expenses rebate by half.

    They would then even put their hands up everytime they let a silent one rip

    Great this guy is talking about it and hopefully something will come of it
    like you say most people these days simply don't care
    thing's need to change not sure ritual slaughter is the answer oO
    What we need is a change to the way they are elected as well as some sweeping reforms
    have to say mind whatever you do at the end of the day politics is a dirty business and nothing will change that

    The law will never be passed as who makes the laws of not parliament


    If you cant beat them, join them. Lets all start lying.

    "(and maybe have lying MPs thrown to the lions!!!)"

    oO what have you got against lions? they shouldn't be forced to eat human garbage X)


    If you cant beat them, join them. Lets all start lying.

    or yes

    As a reasonably young person, I find myself without any real attachment to our government and politics in general, mainly due to the people who are a part of it. They do not share my opinions and views on the big issues and problems, and the one thing you can guarantee from them is broken promises. They simply lie too often.

    This seems like a good initiative, MPs should not be able to lie and equally should not hide the truth when discussing such important issues.

    Hopefully the petition succeeds.

    If you stop them from lying, how will they communicate?

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