Make upto £1700 from home - This is Genuine, I have made £400 so far


    First of all, to mods, if this type of post is not allowed, please message me to let me know. I do not want to be breaking the rules, but I honestly do not know if this type of post is allowed or not.

    Everyone must have heard of network marketing, a bit like the avon catalogues you get through your door where you place the order and then the person who dropped the catalogue through your door gets commision. Well this is something similar and you can make good money through it. Don't look at the product, look at the money to be made from it. But as you have to pay £120 to start up, I'll quickly go through the product before showing how you can make money

    You pay £120 to register and you get access to a website where you can go through educational packages. These courses are video audio recordings so you can go through them at a time convenient to you. Courses include Microsoft Office, Graphics, AutoCad, Macromedia Flash, Website Building, etc.

    Now on to the part where everyone wants to be, Making Money.

    All you have to do is get 2 people to register under you. These 2 people then have to register 2 more people under them. And they then get 2 more people under them.

    Lets say, from the day you register, you have 1 month to find 2 people to register.

    Month 1, you will have 2 people under you, £0 Earning.

    Month 2, you will have 6 people under you, £20 earning

    Month 3, you will have 14 people under you, £35 earning

    Month 4, you will have 30 people under you, £70 earning

    Month 9, you will have 1022 people under you, £2400 earning

    Month 11, you will have 4094 people under you, £9720
    The problem is, that the company will only pay maximum of £6856.56 a month, so that makes £1714.14 a week

    In 11 months you can achieve this if you and the people in your downline can register 2 people within a month of registering.

    On HUKD, there are millions of people. If anyone is interested, send me a message and I can pile up everyone underneath each other in such a way that the first person to contact me will start making money straight away, and needs to do nothing. If anyone wants more information drop me a message.

    You have nothing to lose out in this. It does work. I am making from it. And making the effort to write all this out shows its not a scam.


    This is like being self employed, it is your own business. All you need to do is put a bit of effort in and you can start making money. The Quicker you start, the quicker you make.

    You can live anywhere in the world for this. All you need is a Visa or Mastercard to pay, a bank account, and an email address.

    Drop me a message if you are interested


    is this not like the pyramid thing which is illegal now

    scam lol

    utter spam rubbish! 120 quid to register?? I lol at this crap!


    Scam, spam!

    Original Poster

    Which pyramid thing that is illegal? This is perfectly legal, just you need to fill in a self tax assessment form.

    Works 100% as long as the branches keep building.


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