Posted 6th Nov 2017
You can use Outlook's Alias feature to make your email address much harder to get hacked - for example, preventing the hacking of an account on another site making your email more vulnerable.

Under Settings>Connected Accounts, select the Manage or Choose A Primary Alias option. If you already have an Outlook address, create a new secret alias that you will not give out to anyone and then switch this to be your primary alias. Then, in the alias settings, turn off sign-in privileges to your normal email address (or addresses you can create a few aliases if you want). All email to any alias comes to your one inbox.

But - you can now only sign in using your secret email address and your existing password (which you can change of course). Sign-in attempts with your normal address(es) will get a "this account does not exist" message. This effectively gives your email account two passwords instead of one - the password and the secret address.

This means that a compromised website that you have an account with does not jeopardise your email account as they need the secret email address plus your password to sign-in.

To make the address as secret as possible, you will need to switch your "From" address when emailing out to be from your normal email address (and I think this means you have to use the Outlook app in Android and probably iOS too) although it is still somewhat more secure even if you do give it out friends and families but just no websites.
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