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Found 9th Dec 2017
We all love cocktails over the festive season, but they can be really expensive in bars so I tend to avoid them. Pre-bottled ones found in supermarkets can still be pricey and have a disappointing synthetic taste. Bacardi pina colada is decadent and creamy with a boozy rum kick, it is priced at around £10. Lidl will have it from the 14th at £8.49 for a 70cl bottle. But if you already have rum you can make a thrifty version of this cocktail with a few ingredients, you might even find you have most of them already to make a pina colada inspired cocktail .

1) Creamy Delux

Coconut milk from 50p (reduced fat version available), rum, pineapple juice from 69p or fresh 89p/ tinned pineapple in juice from 50p (if you have a blender). You could also make with ice cream from 92p or custard from 25p and coconut and pineapple juice drink 69p preferably in a blender add rum last to avoid it splitting. You can also substitute coconut milk/ ice cream or custard for plain yoghurt 45p for a low fat version.

2) Juicy

Coconut an pineapple juice drink and rum, alternatively you can use coconut water and pineapple juice ( if you have left over cream you can add a splash to make it creamy)

3) Fizzy Spritzer

ASDA No Added Sugar Pineapple & Coconut Flavoured Sparkling Water Bottle 40p and rum will make a pina colada type spritzer you can add a little pineapple juice or squeeze of lime to add more fruity flavours. This a great one if you're laying off the cream and sugar. You can also make it with plain fizzy water and coconut and pineapple juice drink.

4) Super smoothie

Pineapple, coconut and banana smoothie £1.29 and rum

5) Mocktail

You can add rum flavouring £1 from sainsbury's or essence to any version you like instead of rum, most contain miniscule amounts of alcohol which is ideal if you don't really drink but would like a rum flavour. If you are strictly teetotal for whatever reason best to skip the rum essence completely.

You can chill the cocktails, serve with ice or blend in ice. If you like you can sugar frost the rim of the glass by rubbing a cut lemon or lime on the rim and then dip in sugar If you don't have fancy glasses, garnishes, umbrellas or straws don't worry about it.2850748-FMLRy.jpg2850748-rsRpV.jpg2850748-rAfrN.jpg
Here are some useful links from the asda website, I find the prices competitive but you can most of the ingredients elsewhere if you like :…102…765…138…336…lse…tin…881…116

Got any more pina colada inspired recipes leave them in the comments section down below.

What cocktail are you looking forward to over the festive season?

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So this is where the rums gone!!!!!!
Would save a lot of money if you just drank the rum, and your teeth.

I'll stick to rum

nice but you can keep the coconut
Thanks for sharing, My favourite cocktail, even if i do feel a bit like Del boy when i order one at a bar. Not a cocktail but i like to get a bottle of chocolate baileys in a christmas.
Haven't drunk alcohol in 10 years, but recently during a all inclusive holiday I thought I'd get my monies worth. Had 6 or 7 pina coladas every day, have to say they are delicious, especially so ice cold on a hot day.

Might do a DIY jobby.
OP, the magic in your post of "Make your own Pina Colada" is the "Make your own".
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