Makeup: Benefit - Her Name was Glowla Christmas Set

Found 6th Dec 2010
Hey all!

I'm desperately looking for this make-up set for my girlfriend for Christmas. Having no luck tracking one down. Have checked Boots, house of Fraser and some other sites but everywhere seems sold out. Looks like the fleabay crew are selling them for over £50!

Does anyone know where I can get hold of one, or maybe has a brand new one for sale?

Any help is appreciated

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I think they have it on Amazon.com but not sure on delivery price to UK.
Absolutely loads on ebay!
Thanks for the tip. Unfortuantly the amazon seller doesn't ship to the UK

I'll maybe have to end up paying the outrageous fees on ebay for one!
Hey sorry if this bump disapoints you because its probably more than you would want to spend but benefit have an offer on their website if you spend £70 you get a similar set worth £25 for free here maybe you could buy her some of the things that were in the glowla giftset for full price? free delivery when you spend £50
dont buy off ebay, too many fakes!
Cheers. Thanks for the help guys

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