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    Hi guys, once again in search of some computer know how! In my new flat there's no Ethernet/phone socket in my bedroom so the router will have to go in another room. We have one homeplug available to us but not sure how much another one would cost and if the homeplugs need to be of the same make/model etc? Another option I suppose would be to get a wireless card to fit into my desktop but I'm not sure how much this would cost, how easy it would be to fit, how reliable the connection would be compared to homeplug etc.

    Sooo, all and any advice welcome, cheers!


    got to deal extreme and you can find loads of wireless card under 20ish and i think they do the usb version now as well which is easy to setup

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    Cheers. How much slower out of interest?

    I prefer internal so I dont have loads of dongles hanging out of pc, you normally can get wireless cards for about £5-£8 on Ebay.

    The newest type of wireless is wireless N which has a amazing signal in comparison to the older ones(which are still good) so if you get a wireless N router and N dongle/card you wont have any real issues, when I moved to my current flat my internal pci card I kept having to move the aerial due to interferance or a low speed(it either worked or just didnt, and when it worked I had to spend a few minutes getting correct angle of aerial) whearas a N dongle I tried got a 5 bar signal and 18 meg speed.

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    Thank you all. Can anyone give me a little more info on homeplugs?


    Thank you all. Can anyone give me a little more info on homeplugs?

    Pretty easy really, just buy two of them, one plugs in next to router and you put a ethernet cable from router to homeplug, then next to pc/device you want to use with it plug the 2nd into that socket and have a cable from plug to pc/device.

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    Cheers for that. Can you mix and match different brands/makes of homeplug? Can you get good/bad ones or do they all do the same thing just as well (ie same speeds)?

    everything you need to know about homeplugs but were afraid to ask.

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