Making a DVD of home movies - A couple of Q's

I wanted to make a collection of all the movies from the 1st 2 years of my daughters life as an xmas pressy for m'wife. (Last year I did a blurb book which was EXCELLENT, but wanted to keep things changing!)

I've a couple of queries I'm sure someone out there can help with...

- I'd like the actual DVD & box to look 1/2 decent. I can find a blank box, but are there any services out there that can print up a DVD disc & box if I design it for them? You know so it doesn't look like I through it together in movie maker.

- Talking about movie maker, has anyone got any decent alternatives. I tried an open source one called Jahshaka, but it was horrifically complex and had no user guide I could track down. My main issue with movie maker is the lack of codexes. I KNOW at least 1 of the movie formats isn't accepted by it, so would require some kind of conversion.

Ok, that's it peeps.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Nero burning software for the cover? If you have a printer....

Did anyone else think something else when they read the title "home movies"?

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Did anyone else think something else when they read the title "home … Did anyone else think something else when they read the title "home movies"?

Aaah, but the key point is I left out the quotes...

"home movie" are quite different from home movies

Similarly "gentlemans magazines" are an entirely different kettle of fish from gentlemans magazines...

But back to the point....

I assumed there's be something out there. Does Nero print it out with cutting guides (as I assume a DVD cover isn't helpfully A4)


This is best for covers for cds/dvd etc:-

[FONT=verdana][SIZE=2][COLOR=black]cover printing has never been so easy or so complete, simply drag your covers inside the software directly from your browser and click the print icon. that's all there is to it - your new covers will be printed in seconds.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=verdana][SIZE=2][COLOR=black]easy to use interface

- quickly opens your covers and stretch them directly to the good size on your printer

- supports over 360 file formats including bmp / jpg / jpg 2000 / gif / psd / png / ...

- supports many precut papers (>60) and has a custom paper mode

- drag and drop covers from your favorite cover site directly inside the software so you don't even need to lose time by first downloading and saving them and then having to print them all.

- preview feature with zoom (1x/2x/4x/8x) and dynamic refresh

- acquire your pictures directly from your scanner or webcam (TWAIN compatible)

- command line features so it can be called from other software to open / print your covers

- fine printer adjustements

- customize your spines with custom textures and a small tool to cut pictures to fit in the spines

- coverXP's download module (when the software is minimized there is a small window to drag covers from internet explorer)

- rotate / flip / mirror features

- splitted mode for full booklets or keepcases that have separated front / back pictures


I like Moviemaker as I find it simple and quick to use so you're focussing on the actual video content itself rather than trying to work out how to do things. What formats are you having trouble with? If they're easily transcoded I'd try and stick with Moviemaker however if it's something more tricky then a different editor may be worth considering.

I hit the same problem with Movie Maker when I went with a camera supporting AVCHD, (Panasonic GH1/GF1) so I've been trying Sony Vegas Studio instead. It's reasonably priced at 55 pounds for the platinum version which supports AVCHD although I'm not sure how good .mov support is, I'd expect it to be able to handle the m-jpeg encoded mov files most cameras use.


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Don't use movie maker it's a complete pile of crap and will crash and … Don't use movie maker it's a complete pile of crap and will crash and make you loose what you've done.

And what would you recommend to replace it?
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