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    My son wants to make a lego video. How would we go about this? I thought of taking lots of photo's of the lego people moving each step but then what's the vest (and easiest) software to join it all together so we can then upload to youtube??



    I did it with my SLR camera and windows video editor, took bloody forever!!!

    Just paid £15.00 for an Animation station which should do this perfectly.
    Ordered as a present for xmas for my daughter. Bought from but they also sell it on Amazon. Have a look it should do the job.

    My husband recons you can find a free download on google to do this as wel


    Didn't turn out great either!!

    lol its a start :lol:

    A good way to create stop-motion animations is to use a video camera (or webcam, if it's decent enough) connected to your PC via USB or Firewire and using a program such as ]MonkeyJam.

    You basically set up your shot with the video camera, click the mouse (or designated button), then move your lego piece of pieces slightly, click again and so on. The program automatically adds it to a timeline and you can easily view your animation without messing around. You don't have to use MonkeyJam as your editor though, it's just something simple and lightweight (in terms of computer usage) to set you on your way.

    All-in-all, stop-motion is hard work, as it takes 24/25 pictures to create a second of footage, but if you've got the patience and the insanity, it can be quite fun.


    lol its a start :lol:

    Took about 4 hours to do!! :w00t:


    I've done a few runs of stop motion. Piece of ****. 20 frames a second would be for a professional job like wallace and gromit. You can get away with a lot less and it would still look stuttery due to us humans being unable to move stuff that precisely.


    i think the easest way to do this is stop motion , use a video camera put … i think the easest way to do this is stop motion , use a video camera put the lego in place and click record for a second stop move lego record another second stop move lego record a second, you get the will take you a while to get a 20 second video hun

    We did this years back using a Super8 and stop/start. took hours for just a 5 min "morph" movie using blue tac. I've often wondered how you'd do it these days.

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    Didn't turn out great either!!

    I think this is great!!! Where do you get Windows Video Editor from?

    charlie brown;6070102

    I've often wondered how you'd do it these days.

    Using software to capture the single frame is a lot easier and quicker though, as clicking record, leaving it for a couple of seconds and then hitting stop not only means you have to go back and forth between the camera and 'set', but when it comes to editing, you'd have to needlessly spend time chopping the footage into individual frames. With the software, it's already done for you and if your laptop/computer/mouse is close to the set, you click once or hit the key once and the frame is captured.

    There are also some programs that have the 'onion skinning' feature. This basically allows you to see several frames at the same time, which allows you to keep your animation precise as you can line it up with the previous frame(s) if you go wrong and also gives you a good indication of how to animate the next frame.

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    rep left for all. Just made a first draft and son will be well happy in the morning! We'll need to tale LOTS more images but he'll enjoy making it!
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