making a video for ebay as protection ?

Found 16th Mar
why do so many people on here think that making a video/photos of an item being packed will let them win paypal / ebay disputes
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I don't know.
Perhaps they don't deal with ebay and paypal often enough to know.
I can't see how it would help as they could say you could swap parcels at anytime . Maybe it might put off any Amateur "chancers" if you send the "proof" when they try to claim an item is not as described ,try to swap it for a duff one etc .
A complete waste of time & effort.
Have to agree with chocci

Ebay and Paypal almost always side with the buyer regardless of any proof you may offer

It's a shame what has happened to Ebay, it used to be a great site but for every one decent buyer/seller
there are five times as many scam artists and fraudsters
Makes no difference really, if they favoured sellers more often over buyers then there'd be alot more sellers scamming. They have to favour somone so best to protect buyers as eBay want repeat business. The sellers just suck it up as they're making a profit & can't afford to give eBay up as a platform. They don't really care about private sellers.
Most don't - but some think showing it to a shady (rather than professionally fraudulent) buyer will stop a claim. And sometimes, they're right.
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