Found 29th Sep 2009
My 12 yr old niece has to make a volcano for a school project.

Would papier mache be the best way to make it,she thought about using clay but i'm not sure what's the best/easier way to do it,any ideas?

I've been Googling but a lot of sites aren't coming up at the moment,i think its bloody AOL arghhh

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jar, paper mache, paints, baking soda, vinegar and red food dye


Some instructions in the above link if they are useful

The Diet Coke and Mentos one is so cool ;-)

my daughter had to do one just recently. We did it with paper mache and baking soda, vinegar, water etc. Tried the mentos and coke thing but you've got to have the right kind of bottle to get it to work properly. (Daughter got top marks for her one!!) Forgot to say to use red food colouring cos it makes it look really good.

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I didn't know there were kits to cheat with hehe

The above link ^^^ is American,what is the equivalent of posterboard here,i don't know what it is ??

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Thank you btw !!

wow i didnt think kids in UK did this...thought it was an american thing :?

good luck!

I remember doing this at school!! paper mache & paint is the way forward

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Thanks for all the help:)
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