Making Backups for PS3

    I'm trying to backup an .mkv file to disc (DVD+R DL) and want to play it on PS3. Be grateful for any guidance. I've tried converting it to m2ts then burning it but failed.



    ps3 dont play mkv , search for mkv to vob



    You could just stream it with ps3 media server

    Convert to AVCHD a 720p film will fit on a DVD9 disk. Fitting a 1080p film is more difficult but if you strip off everything only leaving the film and stereo soundtrack you can usually fit them on.

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    Thanks for info folks. I ended up following GAVINLEWISHUKD's advice. It's like the old (single core) days converting to AVCHD. Took over 6 hours. Much more of these conversions and I'll be looking for a much faster machine!


    Don't replace the PC, replace the media player. Unless you're going to JB the PS3, lose it and get a dedicated media player. Starting from £30 and going up to whatever your budget allows you can play 1080p MKVs natively on any of them from either over the network or from usb HDD.
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