Making Belts - Where and what?

Right, im sure some of the ladies and gentlemen here now what I mean

The 'All Sants' belts, with the studs that say certain phrases - I need to make 4; rather than pay £25 a pop for em, id rather make em.

What im asking is, what do I need (I.e. how to put the little studs onto the belts) and where is the best place to get this stuff from?

Regards, all happy to give rep!

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I think they quite easy to fix on ,they should come with instructions.I expect there will be a guide online somewhere explaining,I have look. If not I'm sure someone will know,my partner knows but is at work at mo.

eBay be a good place to buy studs too.

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Thanks Im just thinking how they put the studs on and how accurate they are maybe some sort of gun and stencil?

Got my stud gun thing from either betterware or kleeneze online. Got it few years ago, so not sure if they still sell them!

I just called up my partner and he says you need a stud gun if you wanting to do a good job.

He's going back 15 yrs now and he said back then the studs he used to buy,you make the hole yourself,and put the stud in and you bend the metal prongs back to hold into place.

sounds to me thats doing it on cheap,so I think a stud gun be best bet for proper fixing.

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Thanks for the input, rep added

Still unclear on best method and where to get the gun thing from.

Also, anyone know the best place to get cheap belts?

I think the best thing to do is contact one of the websites,and ask them,they selling the product so will know what you need exactly for what type of studs.

Belts,I bet eBay got loads of plain ones cheap. It's easier finding stuff like that on ebay and cheaper than buying off some websites for this kind of thing.

The three way hole punch is on page 125, under home ideas section.
It is £10.00
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