Making calls from Echo Dot

Posted 28th Sep
stupid question time............ Got a "free" Echo Dot via Vodafone BB delivered and paired it to my "3" mobile. Got Alexa to phone Mrs via her nickname on my mobile and connected ok to talk and hear.
Question is the call isn't registered on my mobile so how does Alexa make the connection?

Edit - should also mention whilst I was in the house, Mrs was out & about in her car when I made the call.
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I'm not too sure about Alexa but with my google home mini, they make the call themselves from my contacts that are synced with my google account. It appears as a private number on the recipients phone but you can make it appear as your phone number if you verify your number through there app. I have no idea how it works but its magical
I think it’s an internet call like WhatsApp calls are made through WhatsApp the Alexa calls are made through Alexa they just link to phone for contact details
Thanks everyone.

Glad it wasn't such a dumb question!
Via VOIP, which Amazon has implemented as is a zero-cost service from its devices, unless it's paired with Voda when that triggers charges in certain circumstances that I cannot recall.
Calls are connected via VoIP which means it is over the internet. Phone number can be made your own, your number will be spoofed in this case.
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