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    Hey, Ive been looking for a awhile now trying to find a program or something that will let em make my own music on the PC. The main problem is I dont know what the industry terms are for what I want.

    It needs to have all the samples and sounds already in it, I have no method of making my own. Id prefer it to be free as well but cost isnt really an issue.

    Im wanting to make techno, electronica, drum and bass kind of music if that matters.

    Any help appreciated thanks


    there was an old game called "music" on the play station years ago there may be an updated version of this

    As a seasoned musician myself I would suggest you could start with using Dance Ebay 6 or 7, very easy to make music with that, sorta like building blocks..more info can be found at :…spx
    Whilst not being free if you shop around you can pick it up for £10.

    KVR have lots of free music software packages and VST instruments but you will need a midi controller keyboard to use with the software..have a wee look anyways at :

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    Thanks for the links Gerry.

    ding, That was exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of except a bit more advanced. I had great fun in MTV music maker etc lol

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    You know about music production etc?

    My pleasure..any help or info give me a shout

    its costs...unless you get it from certain places...called reason (4)

    I use it for trance and house and made a few good songs. there are synths etc and its a very good package. tonnes of apps you got with it like drum machine. But i have been trying to make a DnB loop but failed lool

    if you dont have a midi keyboard then use the sequencer lool

    Or even Fruityloops 8 is a good starter package..…tml

    Great minds etc


    Or even Fruityloops 8 is a good starter package.. … Or even Fruityloops 8 is a good starter package..

    just about to mention that looool

    lol that was weird it posted my previous comment above after you had replied ..spooky lol

    I havnt got the hang of FL though lol. Reason has an easy drum machine IMO. But both reason and FL are used by major dance producers

    I haven't used either :s..I use Cubase and EWQL packages, Hypersonic, Sampletank and Komplete 5 etc for music..was gonna use Reason but never got round to it being a die hard Cubase user for years

    I recommend cubase & reason. Sony acidpro can be quite handy aswell


    I recommend cubase & reason. Sony acidpro can be quite handy aswell

    Acid is good if you cba to do any work yourself lol. Comes in handy

    i dont like cubase lol. only used it for school composition as i had to do a classical song lool. You cant input instruments (apart from midi keyboard) on reason lol.

    for pc? theres a cheap program called cool edit that a friend of mine uses. quite simple but does the job. i use logic myself, sometimes cubase - depends what i have to do.. most the sequencers will probably have demos with time constraints or locked features on the websites for you to try

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    Thanks for all the help


    You know about music production etc?

    Sorry forgot to answer this post..yeah done it for years..aka bedroom musician since 1988 or around that time.

    Good forum to use is at [url][/url] they publish a monthly mag called Sound On Sound which I buy by e-subscription now..lots of well clued up guys on there

    im off to study production this year, although im trying to get my gear set up for it and its a right pain

    bought 1.83 core 2 duo macbook upgraded to 2gb ram and 320gb hdd, load up my software and now seem to be having issues with the cpu even though it exceeds recommended requirements -
    think its because ive loaded things like parallels with vista on it and so contaminated the system

    oh and i just jumped through hoops to get my new evolution controller to work, according to m-audio it doesnt need a patch but it did

    so with all this i think i'll keep my emac and try and set it parallel to the macbook with logic node, also gonna keep my firewire drive as the 7200 rpm seems to work a hell of alot better with east west and such

    updated logic and made friends with the new safety buffer option and all is well... phew.............

    and how in the world did they think akoustik piano was set for release as it was? grrrrrr
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