Making myself a bean bag! Polystyrene beads anyone?

    Well its something to do with my spare time! If anyone has any ideas where I can get the beads I'd really appreciate the help.




    should be able to find them cheap direct through factorys....... i have a massive love sac bean bag which is absolutely immense cost around £500

    should have looked at making y own but too lazy



    +1 I made one and got the beans from there, didn't cost much :thumbsup:

    Fabric shops hun..x

    Wilko's £4.99 a big bag sold as bean bag top-up? saw a bag today that had split and been rebagged in Chesterfield store today reduced to £1.99, so funny you asked that being the only reason I know.…482

    John Lewis have them in the Furnishing fabrics dept

    I got a massive sack for £15 in Dunelm - so big it took up all the back passenger seats in the car. Made a bean bag out of old duvet cover ( liner) and old curtains ( outside) Actually dh did most of the sewing because the machine was too fast for me. Probably enough beads to make two normal bags, but dh wanted a man sized slouch bag.

    Fabric shop, or we have this random place that sells foam for cushions etc. that sells the bean bag beans in town so if you have something like that pop in and see.

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    Excellent, thanks for the suggestions
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