Making the most of your game vouchers

I'm assuming lots of people have games vouchers now after their recent mishaps.

I've been looking for a way to get the most cash back out of them if you aren't wanting to buy anything instore and found this.

Buy madworld on Wii for 19.99 (use game reward card for extra points)

CEX give 20.00 cash (24.00 trade) for it currently, however some stores will refuse to pay cash or state that they have no cash available, if this is the case ask for a printout, or print a quote from the website and take it to blockbuster, they offer to match any trade in price.

Gamestation don't price match CEX, but i believe they do pricematch blockbuster on their trade ins, so if you're successful and get a reciept at blockbuster show that at gamestation and they should honour it. and they always have cash about.

I'm not trying to fleece game here, but they have the DSI in my local store for 219.99 with warranty, 2 accessory packs and some rubbish games, and you can't buy the console on its own, whereas its 129.99 at toys 'r' us.....

Feel free to rep me if this is of some use :thumbsup:


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I only got £14.00 for trading in two games. :x

Gutted mate, which games?

Today i bought advance wars x 2 from currys for 4.99 and got 25 in vouchers, thats at leeds industrial park, nice guys in there,

so far i've spent about 400-500 quid, got a wii, dsi, 9 copies of madworld, GTA: chinatown wars, gears of war top, game for the brother, cashback on credit card, cashback on game reward card, plus about 400 quid of vouchers left.....

only had one game rejected, and i sold it to a guy in the street for 1p more than i paid

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I had Star Trek Tactical Assault and Star Wars Lethal Alliance both brand … I had Star Trek Tactical Assault and Star Wars Lethal Alliance both brand new and sealed.

Hmm methinks you got ripped there mate. not even like they were cheap games.

i got 12.50 for the demo of metroid prime, which retails at gamestation for about 1.99, and i think was free when the DS came out?
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