Found 30th Dec 2009
Missus is on a diet and is on the old ready made soups

they are costing her £1.50 a tub and are 300 cals each

is the cals ok ? do you think it would be better to make her own soups

i hate soups but these taste great are not like normal soups ther enice and chunky with big bits of meat and veg, are these style soups simple to make

anyone have any guide's ?

i am a little worried as she is only having around 1000 cals a day is this enough for a woman, she is roughly a stone heavier then she should be (i think its in her norks )

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If she is only a stone over weight then a 1000 cals a day seem a bit too little to cut down to. as it is half of what she should be having, the danger is her not getting the needed vitamins and minerals she needs. the average adult should be having 2000 cals per day. i find the tesco soups really tasty with loads of veggies in, the minestrone one is delicious. :thumbsup:

i make soup all the time, just get a bunch of vegetables, carrots,turnip, onions,leeks,potatoes add some lentils(about 200g) add boiling water and stock, i use swiss vegetable boullion 4tsp a litre of water cos it tastes yummy. only takes 40 mins to cook. not a lot of calories but very nutritious:)

boil up some brocolli, strain, tip into a blender, blend adding the water you boiled it in til desired consistency, salt pepper...easiest tasty soup ever. Repeat but with peas and add a bit of ham.

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does any one have any guides - step by step as its me thats going to try make these and i had to ask jeeves how to make beans on toast

make your own definately, you know exactly what's going in and you can make three times as much for the same price and freeze it for another day, also makes a good stew casserole or sauce base,:thumbsup:

mmmm. Homemade def the best. i always have to have meat in mine though cos hubby wont have it without. Beef or ham. I buy beef brisket and use when making it for the flavour.. Half gets cut up and stays in the soup the other half is sliced up for dinners.Lovely tender meat done this way. yummy:thumbsup:

Just made some soup myself now - leek and potato...yum!

I make my own soup all the time - just look for some recipes on the web... I get them off bbc website.

There are loads of soups you can make that are fat free - just choose plenty of root vegetables, and use vegetable stock cubes, and you're good to go

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thanks everyone i have left you all rep, i will give it a shot asap


my fav is carott, swede and butternut squash flavour

equal qtys of each and an onion all chopped up with stock cube in pan and cook till veg soft, then blend, very yummy x


lol, you got there before me, great minds eh?:thumbsup:

lol!!! we should have our own cooking prog!!:-D:-D brange'n'sparkle!!

weight watchers website have soup recipies with very little calories as they are free for points even on the ww diet.

my trouble is that i want bread with them lol.

also as a faaaaaaaaaaat person the doctor reccomended like 1200 cals a day as 1000 is too little


sounds good:thumbsup: although i'd prefer sparkle ' n ' brange hehehe

thought you might!! lol!!!:-D

think i'm giving it a miss this year, have managed to persuade him to stay at home. lots of booze, food and just a hint of something else!! piece of cake!!lol!:-D

lol, that would be a shame:-D:-D
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