Male 18th Birthday present idea?

    What can I get for a male turning 18 for about £200-300?

    He already has an iPhone 4, TV, PS3, etc. Doesn't want clothes.

    I'm out of ideas

    Anybody help please?!




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    He's not keen on a watch either

    Watches, Ipad, driving lessons, Red letter day, trip to another country or a Diamond/Jewellery (nothing says I love you more than a Diamond ) failing that I'd go with what whatsThePoint said

    does he drive, personal number plate ca get them for £299

    How about a netbook?

    £200-300? woah! your a nice gf!

    Travel Voucher, i think some travel places do em.

    Gadgets depreciate and need replacing
    Cultural experience abroad is something every young person should have

    For my 18th people got me things which would last for years such as chain/necklace, engraved hip flask and an expensive designer leather wallet. Somethings that I treasure and appreciate more with time

    Surround sound?

    have a surprise party.

    U can hire/book cinema- enjoy a special movie in a VIP seat just the two of u- just let it be a surprise


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