Found 22nd Dec 2010
We decided on a LADS holiday to Malia

It's all inclusive but what are prices like for going out?

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I have just come back from malia and loved it!!!
there was a group of 17 of us and we all took around 400 euros each with us which lasted the whole week!
Deals at bars are great, a place called lush you can get 2 shots, 2 drinks and 2 fish bowls for 5 euros and also pretty much all clubs are free unless there is an event on like a foam party which is about 10 euros which was a really good night!
Also the supermarkets are cheap for drink.
With my money i also went on 3 water sports and still came home with 100 euros left!
However you maybe interested in getting a rep for the week which can cost 200 each.
So 700 will cover it! Be careful with your money though and don't take lots out at night as u may loose it and there are children on the strip selling glow sticks that will ask for hugs and steal your money so do not hug them!
Hope you have a wicked time! it really is a wicked place to be!


Everything was cheap when I went in 2007 but the Euro exchange was much better then. 5 euros got us quite a few drinks, was easy to bargain with various bars/clubs as they try to pull you in! Drinls were cheap, food was cheap! English brekkie was cheap! We had an excellent time you'll have a blast!

4 euro a beer in the peak months.... end of season or start is when you get the good drink deals..

all inclusive will be great for the day sessions...

Just all depends on what you do. I went with 2 mates a few years ago for 7 nights at peak season. Ate out and partied hard every night. Also found a 24 hr bar at an appartment block. Ended up spending just over £1k...

don't forget to visit Minos Palace at Knossos (_;)
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