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Posted 3rd Sep 2016
Malpass Markets opened its 6th shop yesterday on the site of the old Game store in Sutton, Surrey.

Is it actually worthwhile bulk buying fresh meat just to freeze?
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Tried them a few times and the quality isnt great. The chicken breasts have loads of gloop at the bottom and come from lithuania who aren't known for their animal welfare..;)

Be interesting to see if the 5kg quoted actually is 5kg after all the gunk is taken out of the equation. £4 per kg is cheap but you can often get british chicken breasts for £5 per kg when on offer.

Yes, it is worthwhile bulk buying fresh meat just to freeze. Convenience for starters.

Edited by: "chocci" 3rd Sep 2016
We used to use malpass quite regularly for their meat deals
And spent about £60-£70 per week on average
Havent used them as the chicken breasts are packed with whatever
And shrink on cooking , suprised they did this and changed supplier ?
Other meats didnt look as good , sorry malpass :-(
The place near me used to he packed , but nowadays hardly anyone about and half empty shelfs
Staff and spot on and helpful though
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