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    I really want a maltese puppy (one of the few hypoallegenic dogs), but i dont want to pay >£1000! Does anyone know why theyre this expensive.

    Also i seem for about £500 every now and then but i get worried its not from a proper breeder. Any help or advice?


    The website i used for myself and my family when looking for dogs, was preloved.co.uk have a look on there its fab for pets

    Contact the Kennel Club and see if they are aware of any litters of puppies in your area for sale.
    Be very careful of puppy farms, and make sure you see the pups with their mum.
    Pedigree dogs have, and always will, come with a hefty price tag. If the dogs are selling for half the normal price, then alarm bells should ring - why sell them so cheaply?
    Look in your local paper as well, and maybe the Dogs Trust, sometimes they get pedigree dogs, pregnant bitches, pups etc in.

    Make sure you get pet insurance, and get the dog microchipped.

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    Thanks guys! @Broxy, thanks for the link those pups are so cute! and £950 seems like a good price to me. Not TOO cheap. Ill keep an eye on this website, thanks
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