malware on star n9500 Chinese mobile

    Oh dear oh dear.
    The China Mobile, copy of Samsung s4 has got your info !!!
    eBay has reported and stopped selling these mobile! !

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    The mobile is bound to have your info on it if it's your phone.

    What it does with that info however, is slightly sinister.…08/

    It's all trivial. The secretive state will be building and running our nuclear power stations in due time and will have little need for smart phones.

    Anyone who has downloaded the facebook messenger app has probably given away more information than these have done to their owners!

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    I bought 1 last year. I gave it back after 4 days using it . I can't remember what I uploaded such as fb or any apps. I bought mine from amazon

    so whats the question here in ASK?

    It started in misc.... Ask the mods

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    It started in misc.... Ask the mods

    oh, has it been moved lol

    I put this in misc. its to discuss about the mobile etc as lots of people bought them last year

    And I forgot to say.

    Buy it. Root it. Mod it.

    That will solve the issue with it.
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