Malwarebytes eating up all memory - causing crashing! Resolved

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If you have Malwarebytes installed, you may find your pc crawing to a halt right now as there's an issue that's affecting Malwarebyte users.

Malwarebytes appears to eat up all your ram until the pc becomes unresponsive.

Temp solution, open services.msc, stop the Malwarebytes service, open task manager and end the Mbamservice.exe process.

More information can be found here…ue/
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Then uninstall it and wait for a fix
Better solution go to programs and click uninstall
cmdr_elito3 m ago

Then uninstall it and wait for a fix

Mmm I was just sharing information. My pc crashed twice and I was pulling hardware out of my pc. That was until Malwarebytes realtime scanning disabled. I google searched it using my phone, using "today" as a search filter, as my pc was unresponsive, and luckily found that thread.
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Only a problem if you have 'Premium' then ?
A recent update seems to have fixed it, I just started up Malwarebytes after ending the service and an update has been pushed.
In Malwarebytes, under "about", look for update package 1.0.3803 , if this is installed, just restart your pc / restart Malwarebytes and the issue should be gone.
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Got a text message from my mum saying her laptop was running slow and crashing, this explains it.
Fine here but thanks for the heads up.
i had a new laptop which had the norton virus installed, everytime you logged on it asked you to subscibe (and you could not disable this)

just shows how good these viruses are getting when they come installed on new pcs
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