mamas and papas switch?

    just wondered if any one could help. My friend has bought the mamas and papas switch pram from an independant retailer when she has assembled the pram the base which the liner and the harness are on seems to be slighly folded still and a bit springy like it should lock but its not doing. She has took it bk to the shop but they are saying it is suppose to be like that wondered if anyone else has had this problem thanks

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    not sure about your problem but i bought a pushchair with a zip lie down feature - you did the zips up when the baby was old enough to sit up and unzipped the zips so pushchair could lie flat. My baby was six months and i tried for the first time to do up the zips but on one side the zip was faulty. When i took it back Mamas and Papas wouldn t change the pushchair even though it was only just over six months old as their guarantee was out. I have never bought from them again and would not recommend their products.
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