mamma mia

    Has any one seen this at the pictures yet? i went the other day very good.


    is this a chick flick?

    my mate went last night to our local cinema............she said it was packed, and highly recommended.

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    black gerbil1;2652930

    is this a chick flick?

    it sure is:thumbsup:

    julie 2;2652951

    it sure is:thumbsup:

    did they sing at your cinema?

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    They did:thumbsup:

    Went to see they X Files today didn't think much of it as I really didn't understand it! It's more of an FBI story then an alien story.

    my missus thought it was great, my bosses wife went with the girls then took him...haven't had his reaction yet.

    I would rather stick neadles in my ears I hate abba!!! lol

    That said a few people I have spoke to said it was good. I went to school with one of the actresses in it

    on my list of films to see

    Just been to see this tonight - it's absolutely brilliant, not laughed so much in ages and can't wait to see it again...bring on the DVD!:-D:-D:-D:-D

    Hear hear I loved it and cant wait for the

    Is it rue that it's not going to be released on dvd???

    Probably just rumours to get people to go see it in the cinema :thumbsup:
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