Mamma Mia tickets

    Anyone heard of anywhere selling discount tickets for Mamma Mia the Musical in London?
    I would like to go sometime in May (two of us) but don't want to risk buying at the ticket booths on the day in Leicester Square as I may not get in.
    Thanks in advance.
    H & R for help.


    We Will Rock You is better, and you can get deals on the tickets too!

    go to getintolondontheatre (GILT)
    I went with the mrs to see Chicago at Cambridge Theatre, front row, stalls, £25 :thumbsup:

    NO NEED TO OVER-PAY!!!!…up:
    i have been to see the show well worth it great casting very funny enjoyable to the end
    hope you get to go and enjoy it to the full regards Christine

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    Thanks for replies, but none of them have Mamma Mia tickets on offer ATM.
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